Boulder Mountain Biking

The Colorado Front Range is your launch off point to awesome Colorado destinations. If you are coming from sea level, spend a day or two here before you start tackling the high elevation backcountry trails (Thank us for the advice later). After you have sampled some local favorites, the Colorado Front Range is a great launching off point to incredible destinations to the west like Keystone, Winter Park, Breckenridge, Vail or head southwest to Salida, Monarch Crest and Crested Butte. Its the convenient location, natural beauty, top notch food and countless craft breweries and distilleries that make the Colorado Front Range worthy of being a stop on your Mountain Bike Vacation.


45 Minutes from Denver International Airport
Home to Ruby Hill and Valmont Bike Park
Demo and Rental Bikes Readily Available
Food, Craft Beer and Spirits. Everywhere.
Convenient launch off point to awesome Colorado Destinations

Boulder Mountain Biking

  • The West End Tavern

    Type: BBQ, Whiskey and Beer
    Location: Boulder
    Address: 926 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO 80302

    If there was ever a perfect place for post ride food and drink, this may be it. Featuring 25 Taps, 25 Bottled Beers, over 75 Bourbons & the most knowledgeable staff of bar-keepers in the... Read More ›

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  • Mountain Toad Brewing

    Type: Food Trucks and Beer
    Location: Golden, CO
    Address: 900 Washington Avenue, Golden, CO
    Contact: 720-638-3244

    Riding in the Golden area? We love breweries that are into bikes and this is the go to brewery in Golden, CO for the mountain biking crowd. The good folks at Mountain Toad host mountain biking... Read More ›

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  • Lefthand Brewing Company

    Type: Food and Beer
    Location: Near Boulder
    Address: 1265 Boston Ave Longmont, CO 80501
    Contact: 303.772.0258

    Located in Longmont, CO it is perhaps one of the better known breweries in the Colorado area and beyond. The tasting room is open everyday and the offerings are amazing. You will hear locals talk... Read More ›

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  • CYCLHOPS Bike Cantina

    This place is legit. Tacos, tequila and craft beer with a REEB bike shop in the restaurant. Yes please. Not much else to say except get your ass here and give it a... Read More ›

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  • The Laughing Goat

    Type: Coffeehouse
    Location: Boulder, CO
    Address: 1709 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO 80302

    Arguably the best coffeehouse in Boulder and there are lots of them. The location on Pearl Street is our favorite and is a great venue to relax and people watch. In the evenings there is music,... Read More ›

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  • Golden Bike Shop

    Type: Bike Shop
    Location: Golden, CO
    Address: 722 Washington Avenue, Golden, CO 80401
    Contact: 303-278-6545

    Friendly shop in Golden, CO within riding distance from the same trails that Yeti uses for its famous lunch time rides. One of the biggest shops on the Colorado Front Range, The Golden Bike Shop... Read More ›

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  • Walker Ranch, Boulder, CO

    Type: Open Space Multi Use Trail
    Location: Boulder, CO

    A Colorado Front Range favorite, Walker Ranch sits above Boulder, CO and offers incredible singletrack and amazing scenery just outside of town. Mandatory hike a bike on this one but well worth... Read More ›

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  • Valmont Bike Park, Boulder, CO

    Type: Bike Park
    Location: Boulder, CO

    Nate Hills and the boys showcase Valmont Bike Park in Boulder, CO. This is a great place to get acclimated to the elevation and a super fun place to work on your skills before getting high... Read More ›

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