Sedona, AZ

Trails buried under snow? Cabin Fever tearing you up? Bummed that riding season is coming to an end? It’s time to get your fix and escape to the awesome mountain bike destination of Sedona, AZ. Offering nearly year round riding, Sedona beckons the early or late season mountain biker who is looking to get a jump on, or extend the riding season. The diversity and beauty of Sedona makes it an ideal MTB destination. Just 2 hours north of Phoenix International Airport, Sedona is easy to get to, stunningly beautiful, offers world class mtb trails, has bike friendly lodging and hotels, great food and dining options and happens to be home to some of the best bike shops in the United States, to include Over the Edge, Sedona which is an Evil Bikes Demo Center. Looking for a bike tour or guide? No problem. Hermosa Tours offers guided tours across Sedona’s diverse trail network. Visiting with Family? Great. Sedona offers exceptional hiking and camping and is just two hours from the Grand Canyon which is a must see if you are in the area., Mountain Bike Vacations. Made Easy.

Best for Early and Late Season vacations.
Variety of Demo and Rental Bikes available.
Bike Friendly Lodging
Dining options available to meet any need.
Recreational activities abound suitable for the entire family.

Sedona, AZ

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  • Tamaliza Market

    Type: To Go Tamales and Rellenos
    Location: Sedona, AZ
    Address: 40 Soldiers Pass Rd. Suite 13, Sedona, AZ 86336
    Contact: Phone: 928-202-9056

    Perhaps the smallest “market” in Sedona, this tiny place offers truly authentic Tamales and Chile Rellenos To Go. Tamaliza is the perfect place for when you smell like you have been... Read More ›

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  • Sedona Memories

    Type: Delicatessen
    Location: Sedona, AZ
    Address: 321 Jordan Rd, Sedona, AZ 86336
    Contact: 928-282-0032

    When in Sedona, we like to keep it simple and spend as much time on the bike trails as possible. Accordingly, we are always on the lookout for places that offer affordable, high quality foods that... Read More ›

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  • Over The Edge Bikes

    Type: Full Service Bike Shop
    Location: Sedona, AZ
    Address: 1695 State Route 89A, Sedona, AZ, United States
    Contact: 928-282-1106

    Over the Edge Sedona, like all Over the Edge bike shops is passionate about sharing amazing trails in amazing places. Over the Edge Sedona is centrally located in the heart of Sedona and offers... Read More ›

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