2016 Pivot Mach 6 Carbon Review

Thank to the good folks at Sports Garage in Boulder, CO, MTBV.com was able to get our grubby mitts on the new 2016 Pivot Mach 6 Carbon long enough to take a few pics of the second iteration of Pivot’s world class Trail\Enduro platform. The first generation Mach 6 was good; damn good in fact. That said, the new Mach 6looks to take the platform to the next level. In a word, this bike is refined. The first improvement is to cable routing that previously jutted out over the rear shock and was widely considered an annoyance. The new Mach 6 resolves this issue and neatly internally routes the rear brake hose and shifter cable. The shifter cable briefly exits under the bottom bracket before it re-enters the rear triangle; the brake hose exits just before the bottom bracket and rides the top of the non-drive side chain stay until it meets the caliper. The rear triangle is redesigned around the Boost 148 standard which allows more tire clearance and as you likely already know, moves the rear hub flange out 3mm on each side, making for a stiffer rear wheel. The Boost 148 spacing combined with a new linkage design brought over from the Pivot’s Phoenix beastly DH bike, is claimed to increase stiffness by 150%. The new Mach 6 is also Shimano Di2 compatible, neatly housing the battery in the seat tube. Finally, Pivot has toned down the paint and graphics on the new Mach 6 taking full advantage of the stealth look of carbon fiber with just a few accent graphics in either fluorescent green or blue/yellow. We expect to have an opportunity to properly demo this bike in the coming weeks. Stay Tuned and in the meantime check out this sweet video of the new Mach 6 Carbon and its aluminum counterpart in action.

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