Durango Mountain Biking Vacation

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Durango is often overlooked as a riding destination in Colorado. Maybe because it’s off the beaten path, and isn’t as easy to access off of I-70 or I-25 as other towns. For those that do know about Durango’s mountain biking, it’s been a gem for a long time. Folks were riding trails here before most people knew what mountain biking was. Years later, the trails have evolved and expanded.

If incredible trails aren’t enough, Durango also contains more restaurants per capita than San Francisco and is home to several of Colorado’s best breweries.

Durango is certainly worth a visit.

Come explore each section to learn about the best trails, lodging, rentals, and restaurants to explore during your mountain bike vacation in Durango.

Hosted the 1st Mountain Bike World Championships in 1990
Hundreds of miles of singletrack

Durango Mountain Biking Vacation


Big Canyon Trail

Type: Intermediate
Location: Durango, CO

Big Canyon gives you permission to dial back the spice from Haflin Creek and still get just as much flavor. It’s fast and flowy, and adds up to 500 feet of vertical over two miles. Swoop... Read More ›

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Snake Charmer

Type: Advanced
Location: Durango, CO

Just outside of the main city streets of Durango lies Snake Charmer, a single black rated trail, with hard lines, easier lines, jumps, drops, and rocks on top of rocks. The trail is reminiscent of... Read More ›

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Jones Creek

Type: Intermediate
Location: Durango, CO

North of Durango, as the elevation picks up, Jones Creek starts out at 7,800 feet and takes you 1,700 more feet up smooth singletrack. The trail can be ridden as an out-and-back that adds up to... Read More ›

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Comfort Inn & Suites

Type: Lodging
Location: Durango, CO
Address: 455 South Camino Del Rio, Durango, CO 81303
Contact: (970) 259-7900

If you don’t want the niceties of the General Palmer, but still want a room to wash off in, and a bed to relax after your ride, there’s the Comfort Inn. It’s just south of... Read More ›

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Food & Drinks

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Second Avenue Sports

Type: Bike Rental
Location: Durango, CO
Address: 640 E 2nd Ave, Durango, CO 81301
Contact: (970) 247-4511

Second Avenue Sports offers bike rentals for any kind of riding. Townie bikes for cruising the streets start at $30 per day, and $100 will get you a full-suspension carbon rig. Rentals come with a... Read More ›

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Pedal the Peaks

Type: Bike Rental
Location: Durango, CO
Address: 598 Main Ave B, Durango, CO 81301
Contact: (970) 259-6880

Pedal the Peaks, located down Main Avenue a block away from the General Palmer also offers a fleet of rental bikes, and can provide guide services as well. You can also stop in for some riding... Read More ›

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Junction Creek Campground

Type: Campground
Location: Durango, CO
Address: 1499 FDR 171, Durango, CO 81301
Contact: (970) 884-2512

Junction Creek is a great campsite for those that want the most organic experience of their time in Durango. It’s a short, six-mile drive from downtown Durango, so it sees more people in the... Read More ›

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Backcountry Experience

Type: Sporting Goods Store
Location: Durango, CO
Address: 1205 Camino Del Rio, Durango, CO 81301
Contact: (970) 247-5830

Backcountry Experience will be one of your go-to stores for outdoor products while in town. Their 20 years in Durango have built them a solid reputation and won them “The Best Small Business... Read More ›

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