Yeti Cycles SB4.5C Review

The last six months have been pretty awesome considering the number of great mountain bikes that we have had the opportunity to ride. Couple those rides with jaw dropping destinations like Sedona, AZ, which we have already visited twice in 2016 and its hard to not reflect with a smile. Nostalgia aside, let’s talk about read more >

Evil Bikes The Following Review

Every once in a while a bike comes out that redefines how we see the mountain biking world. Evil Bikes The Following is one of these bikes. An efficient, mid travel, slack, hard charging creation that may forever change the way you see 29’ers.  Thanks to Over the Edge, Sedona, had a chance to throw read more >

First Look: Specialized 2FO ClipLite

Finding a good mountain bike shoe can be a tough endeavor. The demands on such a shoe are often under appreciated when you take into account what you expect out of your “simple” shoes. Here at MTB-Vacations, we have struggled finding shoes that can hold up to the demands placed on them. Repeated clip ins and read more >

2016 Pivot Mach 6 Carbon Review

Thank to the good folks at Sports Garage in Boulder, CO, was able to get our grubby mitts on the new 2016 Pivot Mach 6 Carbon long enough to take a few pics of the second iteration of Pivot’s world class Trail\Enduro platform. The first generation Mach 6 was good; damn good in fact. That read more >